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No  1 - 1 Date  2007-10-31  16:07:17
Name vikram Tel   +911732254685/259685
Subject : reuirement of guide bush holder for drilling machine
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    Our company is a leading company of India in the manufacturing of "Feed mill plant". We are developing a gun drilling machine for "Pellet die drilling".We need a guide bush holder for our machine.we have to use gun drill of size 2 m.m. to 6 bush will touch with the job.drilling depth is 100 m.m. maximum.please suggest and quote us suitable bush holder with technical specifications.
Please reply soon.
                   Vikramjeet(Engineer product development)
                   Lark Engineering copany(India),
                    I.T.I. sasoli road,jagadhri workshop,
                     Yamuna nagar,haryana-135001,india
                     Phone no.01732-254685,259685
                     Fax no.01732-259685.
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